The attacks on women in Europe

I, probably like many others, have been troubled by the recent disclosures of serious attacks against women in Europe and the subsequent cover-up if indeed that is what it was.

Since these events came to light there has been a lot of nonsense spoken in various news items, the press and on social media but one thing seems very clear to me: Individuals or groups with those ethics should never have been allowed into European society in the first place, God knows we already have enough Neanderthals of our own without importing more.

I believe that there is a fundamental flaw in our thinking or more to the point our respective governments thinking with regard to asylum. We really do need to rid ourselves of the notion that those who are running from the “bad people” must automatically be “good people”. That notion is totally wrong, naïve and downright dangerous.

There is absolutely no doubt that a proportion, however small, of those welcomed to Europe with open arms in recent years will have a deeply ingrained mistrust of the west, western culture and view western women in the same way that they view prostitutes. Whether they were running for their lives or not, it will have done little to change such views…

On news night the other night it was suggested that we allow these people in and then to overcome the “cultural differences” we, to paraphrase “educate them in our ways, particularly with regard to the treatment of women”. It is just mind boggling that anyone could believe a few hours at night school might counter a lifetime growing up among others with such a flawed mind-set. Social change like that takes decades/generations to bring about and in the meantime women will have been put at risk.

The overriding duty of any government is to protect its citizens and their way of life, everything else is secondary to that. It seems that in a rush to appear the “saviours of the world” some European governments have forgotten that duty.

When it comes to asylum the very first question should not be “is their life at risk, if they go back?” but more “would allowing them to stay pose a risk to our own citizens?”. Part of assessing that risk must surely include “cultural differences” if those so called “cultural differences” can lead to the systematic targeting, sexual assault and rape of women. In Europe and in the UK we have taken huge strides in the last few decades with regard to the role of and the way women are viewed and I believe compatibility with those evolving values must be considered.

I don’t hold with the view that “our country is full” and various other Nationalist bullshit, but there is no doubt in my mind that we do need to be careful who we allow in. As a minimum we must ask whether they are broadly compatible with our values and whether they stand a chance of eventually becoming a net contributor to our society. These criteria should apply irrespective of whether that person is claiming asylum, if they are to be allowed to roam freely in our society.

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